The new gym will open by the youngest athlete in the thane district of mumbai city have received overwhelming response from enthusiastic youths. This has encouraged Mr. Abhishek thakur to invest more in gym’s infrastructure for the benefit of people.It will going to be the first gym in the area with the facilities of cross fit, cardio and certified personal trainers.Mr. Thakur said that he has a dream to promote fitness and health awareness among people and also to provide fitness training facility to sportspersons from poor financial background, who cannot afford private trainers.He also want to provide safe and secure place for girls and ladish to workout. There are many famous,successful and well known athletes like Mr.siddhant jaiswal, Mr.Sachin thapa will be there for opening ceremony to support this good cause. Gym plays an important role in people’s lives, thus it must be carefully selected to be perfect for each person.Going to gym regularly gives people the opportunity to have a perfect body. Working out is good for both physical and emotional health. If a person has a strong and healthy body, he/she feels satisfied and happy. People who have lack of physical activity suffer from depression more often than people who go to gym regularly. It is golden opportunity to grab for people who want to pursue their career in fitness industry.


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